China Holiday – Making the Most Out of Your Visit to China

China Holiday – Making the Most Out of Your Visit to China

One of the most popular tourist destinations, China never ceases to wow its visitors with a winning combination of the most majestic natural sites, cosmopolitan and buzzing cities, intriguing ethnic tribal folklore and well-known historical and culture structures.

China Holiday - Making the Most Out of Your Visit to China

Thus, China has something for every taste and preference, which makes many tourists willing and eager to return to the country. There are always so many things to do when you visit the country, you may never finish them all in a single trip.

Your next China holiday is coming up, but you just cannot decide what to do and where to visit from the endless choices available. Sounds familiar? Here is a list of some tips and suggestions regarding interesting activities, shopping and Chinese cuisine that you can consider to make the most out of your visit to China.

Some excellent activities

For all lovers of the great outdoors, hiking through some of the world’s most surreal landscapes is an experience that you should not miss. These include the Great Wall of China and the lesser known Guizhou province. In the latter, you will be able to admire up close the beautiful handiwork of nature as you pass by some of the most incredible forests, limestone hills and terraced paddy fields.

Fans of authentic Chinese cultures can immerse themselves in tribal folklore in Yunnan where they can interact with ethnic minorities and learn more about their unique lifestyles and practices. Or how about a trip to the Shaolin Temple in Henan province where kungfu comes to life in the form of amazing murals and martial arts displays?

Golf lovers can indulge in their favourite sport in some of the most renowned golf courses in China and the world. You will generally find them along the southeastern coast in the provinces of Yunnan and Guangdong.

Shopping tips and information

China is known for its rich culture which has resulted in many unique and exquisite cultural and herbal products. Among some items which you should consider bringing back as a souvenir are pottery, handicrafts, carpets, art pieces and foodstuffs such as teas and medicines.

Chinese silk and silk products are often must-buy items for tourists. The huge variety in silk brocades, with their many designs and printed patterns, are high in quality with a rich texture. You should take a look at those from provinces such as Sichuan and Guangdong which are especially popular.

What’s more, China is also known for their competitively-priced clothing, shoes and other accessories which you can easily purchase in the major cities. With a little bargaining, you are sure to land some great deals.

Enjoying the local cuisines

Tasting the wonderful Chinese cuisine, which includes famous specialties such as Beijing’s Peking Duck and Guangdong’s dim sums, will certainly be a highlight of your China trip. Highly acclaimed worldwide, Chinese cuisine is not just food but also an art, as the visual presentation of dishes is as important as the taste. Regardless of where you visit in China, the most delightful culinary experience will await you.

To get a taste of some delectable local delights, you do not have to visit a sophisticated restaurant. The numerous roadside stalls in most cities also serve dishes and snacks with unique varieties and sensational flavours that you will remember for a long time.

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