The Various Types Of Beds

Everyone has a personal decorating style, and the bedroom often demonstrates that style best. The bed is usually the centerpiece of that bedroom and, therefore, represents that style. When you enter a furniture store in mid-Missouri to look for a bed, be true to yourself because you’ll be living with-and sleeping on-that bed for many years.

A paneled bed looks like its name. The headboard and footboard are rectangular. They may feature raised wood panels or be inset with leather or fabric panels. Corner posts may also be part of their design. This is one of the most popular types of bed, and many examples can be found at any furniture store in Jefferson City, MO.

The Various Types Of Beds

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An arched bed is another bed type that resembles its name. The headboard and footboard both have an arched shape, and may feature a post on each end. Whether the boards display carved or painted designs or are unembellished, an arched bed provides the room with a regal focal point. The staff of any furniture store in mid-Missouri will gladly show you arched beds.

A platform bed is usually considered a contemporary style, but such beds have been around for hundreds of years. Mattresses rest on platforms that are set low to the floor. The platforms may or may not have legs. Footboards and headboards may be attached as well, and are usually rectangular. When browsing your favorite furniture store in Jefferson City, MO, look for platform beds that have storage drawers or shelves.

A four-poster bed has a post at each corner. These might be cut with graceful curves or carved with intricate designs. Depending on the particular style, they create a lovely romantic or masculine focal point in any bedroom, and there are plenty of four-poster beds from which to choose at almost any furniture store in mid-Missouri.

A canopy bed is another style that gives bedrooms a romantic look, and you can shop for one at any furniture store in mid-Missouri. A post rises at each corner, with some kind of topper that covers the entire bed. Often fabric drapes the topper; occasionally it hangs in drapes from the sides and foot of the topper. Some of these drapes can be closed to provide privacy or extra warmth in the bed.

If you’re looking for a daybed, browse what’s offered at a furniture store in Jefferson City, MO. A daybed serves two purposes. During the day it serves as a couch while at night it is a place for sleeping. It may have decorative railings at each end and along the back. Many daybeds include a trundle, which is a bed on wheels that hides beneath the daybed until it is needed. Then it pulls out, pops up, and forms another bed. Or it can link with the daybed to form a larger bed. The staff at your favorite furniture store in Jefferson City, MO can demonstrate how one works.

Sleigh beds have curved headboards and footboards that offer sleigh-like silhouettes. These beds have a majestic presence that dominates the bedrooms in which they reside. But they don’t always command a majestic price. Any furniture store in mid-Missouri can stock or locate these beds at a reasonable price. Comfortable beds can be found in any style at any furniture store in mid-Missouri. You just have to decide what you like. Then take a look at what your favorite furniture store in Jefferson City, MO offers and give yourself the bedroom of which you’ve always dreamed.