Where to Shop for Plus-Size Clothing Online

Where to Shop for Plus-Size Clothing Online

With many individuals transitioning to online shopping, there has become a wider variety. More specifically, clothing brands are now including and selling fashionable and affordable plus-sized clothing so that everyone can begin to feel confident and comfortable in their skin. Often the list of online clothing stores can be rather long and extensive. However, this article will summarize the top 5 plus-sized clothing stores available. Moreover, clothing companies such as  knowfashionstyle offer a vast variety of plus-sized clothing in womenswear.

Top 5 best plus-sized clothing stores

With the latest fashion trends coming and going, it can be hard to keep up with what is in and out. Therefore here is a list of the top 5 plus-sized clothing stores that keep up to date with all the latest trends. Dia & Co is first on the list. They offer both staple and statement pieces, all at a reasonable price. Secondly is ASOS Design, which provides fashion-forward clothing for their plus-sized consumers. Thirdly is Eloquii. Their clothing is rather glamorous and can make anyone feel confident when going out. Fourthly is Fabletics. This athleticwear company caters to providing their plus-sized community with fashionable athletic clothing. Lastly is Torrid, who provides plus-sized clothing at a reasonable price.

What clothing to wear for a plus-sized body

It is essential to know your body type when dressing your body. However, if you are unsure of your body type, a few staple pieces of clothing can help make any plus-sized individual feel confident. For example, a top with a peplum style enhances the bust while defining one’s natural waist. In addition, A v-neck elongates the waist while opening up the neckline. When it comes to wearing a dress, a wrap dress defines one’s waist, flattering one’s figure. Furthermore, a fit-and-flare dress tucks in by your waist, defining your figure. Lastly, any high-waisted jeans, boot cut, straight, slim, or skinny, are perfect for any plus-size body.

What not to do when dressing your plus-sized body

Wearing clothing that does not fit you correctly or is baggy and shapeless often hides those beautiful curves when you should be showing them off. Additionally, don’t just stick to black, venture towards color. The majority of individuals know that black is said to be the most slimming color. However, that should not mean one’s wardrobe should solely be of black clothing. Lastly, don’t be afraid to define your waist, especially for women with gorgeous curves. Defining one’s waist often helps bring in more angles, movement, and shape.

Plus-size influencers to follow

With social media growing, so is the plus-sized community. With many more plus-sized influencers spreading body positivity and inclusivity, here are a few considerations to add to your following. Firstly is Katie Sturino. Katie is not afraid to call out large brands that are not inclusive of all sizes and shows her followers how to dress like their favorite celebrities as plus-sized individuals. Secondly is Noelle Downing. Noelle shares her top favorite clothing items and stays truthful to her followers by expressing her challenges in finding plus-size clothing. Lastly, Jessica Torres is known for her fashion-related content and encourages her plus-sized followers to explore color and patterned clothing.

Everyone should feel confident in their skin. Knowing your body type and what works for your body is essential when dressing and feeling confident. With many clothing companies providing plus-sized clothing, there is something for everyone. Additionally, one can seek outside help in the form of plus-sized influencers who can share their tips and tricks to help you dress confidently.

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