Why Women Should Wear Watches

Why Women Should Wear Watches

Why Women Should Wear Watches

While men are expected to wear a watch to complete an outfit, the modern woman often goes without. One is tempted to conclude that the watch as an accessory is antiquated. However, there are compelling reasons why more women should spot watches.

In these days of smart devices that can tell the time, it may seem as if the watch is not needed. Nevertheless, fetching your phone from your bag to check the time does not cut a professional image. There are certain situations where doing that would be considered inappropriate.

Here are some of the reasons why women should consider wearing watches.


A watch can be a great accessory to complement a great outfit. Your choice of watch also helps you to manifest your unique style. You can opt for one watch that that goes with almost every outfit or several watches to match different one.

Also, you can buy a watch that comes with different coloured straps to match with your different looks. Watches come in a wide range of styles and sizes. You will always find one that suits you.

A Watch is Convenient

A watch is right there on your wrist. It is easier and faster to turn your wrist and glance at the time. Rummaging through your bag for your phone takes so much time. Moreover, it is not a good look when in a formal situation.

You can also check your watch discreetly when you need to leave a testy situation. In fact, this used to be the go-to tactic with most people. Checking your phone may be considered rude.

It Helps You to Disconnect

The Smartphone is possibly the biggest competition for the watch. Why would you need a watch when you can simply glance at your watch?

Here’s why.

You will do a lot more than simply glancing. Once you check your phone, you are likely to:

  • Check the time
  • Open that WhatsApp message
  • Check your social media
  • React on somebody’s photo on your Facebook
  • Laugh at some funny meme

As you do all of this, you will have disconnected from your immediate circle. Your companions will feel neglected and your friendships will start to dwindle. With one of the designer watches for women, you will not have the same distractions.

A watch helps you disconnect from the social media and connect with family and friends.

A Watch is Good for a Slew of Functions

While a phone may be designed to multi-task, a watch is smaller; hence easier and safer to carry. Think about going or your morning run with your phone in hand. It can slip out of your grip and shatter on the ground. You could also lose it.

A watch is much lighter and safely strapped to your wrist. You can get one that tracks your exercise schedule and beeps out alerts throughout the day.

Revamp Your Lifestyle

With a watch taking up some of your phone’s functions, a lifestyle change is inevitable. You can stow your phone away at work and rely on your watch for time and alerts.

 If you have important correspondence, program the watch to give you alerts. Then you can check your phone only when you must. Women’s watches are designed to be more than the conventional time piece. They are also accessories.

You can find timepieces that will make you look chic, cultured and professional.


There are many viable reasons for women to wear watches. They are great for the office or business as well as for formal situations. Additionally, watches are great for social or informal situations. A watch allows you to stay off your phone and connect with the world around you.

It is possible to find watches that suit your personality. It is also possible for a woman to find a watch or watches that will match her outfits perfectly. For work purposes, you can opt for the formal pieces. The bracelet watches can serve for your social functions.

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