Have You Considered Environmentally Friendly Products Like Home Water Purifiers?

Have You Considered Environmentally Friendly Products Like Home Water Purifiers?

Have You Considered Environmentally Friendly Products Like Home Water Purifiers?

If you are looking for a product that is truly environmentally friendly, you might want to consider a home water purifier. If you already have one, you still need to read this article. Some of them are not really friendly products.

A Maintenance-Free Cleaning Tool

Recently, a company released a maintenance-free cleaning tool. A more accurate term might be disposable. For those of us who are looking for a friendly product, something that ends up in a landfill after six weeks of use is not what we want.

Most purifiers are friendly products because people who use them buy less bottled water, which reduces the number of plastic bottles in the landfill and helps protect one of our most valuable natural resources; freshwater.

Our freshwater supply is unlimited, though it seems that way because the planet is mostly water. The problem is a large portion of saltwater, which cannot be used for drinking or watering plants, without removing sodium. Many coastal areas have seen saltwater intrusion into what is, in recent decades, freshwater.

Some cleaners, as mentioned above are not environmentally friendly products, but not just disposable ones. This type of jug seems cheap to many, at first. They look like a good alternative to buying bottles. But, the filter in the pitcher must be replaced too often. Most of them are good for only 50 gallons, which will last an average for a family of fewer than six weeks.

The Truly Environmentally Friendly Must Produce A Little Waste

Again, there are too many items in the landfill. Products that are truly environmentally friendly must produce a little waste. Better home purifiers have filters that last for around six months. Filters are small enough so they don’t cause guilt when they get into the trash and you will know that you have accomplished something else.

How do you feel about environmentally friendly products that help clean up some of the contaminants in our lakes, rivers, and oceans? Effective home cleaners can do far more than any maintenance facility. If you don’t have it in your home, you let the contaminants flow back into our freshwater supply through the gutter. You are adding to the burden on the wastewater treatment facility.

But if you have environmentally friendly products, effective home cleaners, you reduce the burden on facilities and eliminate chemicals that none of us want to be exposed to. You also eliminate lead, copper, and traces of prescription drugs that avoid public facilities.

Other Environmentally Friendly Products

The Products include reusable glass or stainless steel bottles that can be filled at home, stored in the fridge and carried wherever you go. Besides the fact that you have stopped plastic bottles from entering the trash, water only tastes better when it is not stored in plastic. This is the only “delicious” environmentally friendly product I’ve ever seen.

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